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    Engage, Notify...

    Reach customers in one click with Konekti Text Messaging Platform.

    Konekti is perfect for: Notifications, App Authentications, Money Collection, Marketing, Surveys and More...

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  • SMS Gateway

    Connect your software applications to send and receive thousands of SMS easily. We support all major interconnection protocols: HTTP API, e-mail to sms, SOAP and SMPP.

    webpage = curl_exec($s);status = curl_getinfo($s,CURLINFO_HTTP_CODE);curl_close($s)...

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  • Global SMS Coverage

    Reach anyone anywhere with our international SMS network. We are proud to have the best SMS partners around the world to guarantee the timely delivery of all your text messages.

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  • Powerful, Secure and Reliable

    We provide 2 way SMS, fast delivery, data encription and the most powerful software solution for campaign management.

    Stop wasting time and money and start connecting with your clients now!

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  • Download Konekti App

    Have full control of your campaigns at the palm of your hand. Get the app from google play and app store.

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    100% Reliable Messaging

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    Rich API for Developers

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    Worldwide Coverage

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    Powerful SMS Platform

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    On the Go?,
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Konekti SMS Gateway, the simplest & most reliable solution for Enterprise SMS

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    SMS Platform

    Send, receive and manage SMS campaigns with our powerful web-based SMS platform. Create an account, login with your credentials and you are all set.
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    Rich SMS Applications

    Offering 2-way long and short codes for any application, multimedia SMS, opt-in/out tools, traceable landing pages, intelligent delivery reporting, SMS Marketing and more.
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    Integration API

    Automate your business with our secure SMS API. We support HTTP, e-mail to SMS, SOAP and SMPP. Get full technical support and software integrations for free.
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    Mobile App

    Always on the go? download Konekti app and keep track of your campaigns by the minute. Available for IOS and Android.
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    Secure Messaging

    Security is a very important issue for us, we provide TLS secure connections and store encrypted all sensitive information so that no hacker can gain access to it.
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    24/7 Support

    Our support team is ready to assist you at anytime. Just poke in a support button inside and we will be with you right away.

What is Konekti about?

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icon Why use Konekti in your organization?

Aside to what you may think, A2P messaging also known as business messaging, is becoming the preffered communication channel for small and large corporations and it is expeted to keep growing at a 7% annual rate for the next 5 years. This is thanks to the high reliability, security and penetration rate that SMS has over any other mass communication channel like e-mail or personal messaging applications.

Did you know more than 90% of text messages are read within the next hour of being received?

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There are endless possiblities for text messaging, see how you can use Konekti in your organization to maximize revenue and lower your operation costs.

icon Very powerful options built right in

Konekti is more than just an SMS Gateway. We provide everything you need no matter your business, from awesome marketing tools to specialized custom software integrations. Ask our team of experts about the best solution for you.

  • International Short Codes
  • 2 Way SMS Routes
  • Super Easy SMS API
  • Multimedia Messaging
  • Automated Voice Calls
  • SMS Survey Creator
  • E-mail Campaigner
  • SMS Keywords
  • 2 Factor SMS Authentication

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