API Integration

Integrate our servicies in your application using a powerful API, helpful tool for developers.
The Konekti API will let you link any developed software with a Konekti account through a Web Service, with these helpul functions you can:

The link options that can be used with our API: E-MAIL, GET, POST Y SOAP
Security: All our network conections are safe encrypted with 256 bit SSL.

Highly Secure

Strongly Stable


Client Support

Safety is one of our top priorities, thats why we focus day by day to provide highly reliable services to our clients.

Stability 100% assured, our specialized engineers work hard every day to bring stability first of all.

The Koneckti API documentation is too easy to learn, relatively low learning curve for the understanding of any developer.

24/7 client support to solve any inconvenience that may appear. If an issue is presented we are always available to provide you the required attention you need to solve the problem.