Emergency notifications

Text messages are sent in seconds, and are opened within seconds of receipt. If there's an important message you need to get out to a large number of people quickly, SMS is great.


Studies have shown that sending appointment reminders via SMS can have a big effect on the number of people attending on time.


SMS is good for keeping customers/patients/members up to date on events, purchases etc. because it's quick and friendly. You can also add in personal details such as names and order numbers to make them more useful.

Building a customer database

By using a keyword on a short code (e.g. HELLO on 60777), you can invite people to join your mailing list easily, and gather their details for your database. Short codes are country specific, so will only work in a certain country - e.g. 60777 only works in the UK.

Getting response from your adverts

Many forms of traditional advertising are difficult to measure ROI on. Make it easier for interested people to respond by including a keyword on a short code as your call to action.

Gather customer details

Including a mobile data capture form as a link in an SMS is a quick and easy way to get details or feedback from customers. It's convenient because the recipient can access it at anytime, and people always have their phones on them.


Sending offers and promotions by SMS is a great way to increase sales. The rules for this vary depending on the country you wish to send to, so make sure you check the laws in your country. For advice on building effective SMS promotions, download the free guide Discounts and Promotions with SMS.